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DOes my Life Policy Have Value? 

Our Simple questionaire will provide you with an approximate value of your policy. Try it. . .


Life settlements have changed the way we think about life insurance. For consumers, life settlements and the secondary market for life insurance have unlocked the market value of life insurance, transforming unneeded policies into assets with significant value. A life settlement is a financial transaction in which a policyowner sells an unneeded life insurance policy for more than the policy’s cash value and less than its face value. But life settlements represent much more than an exit strategy for unneeded life insurance policies. With the assistance of an experienced advisor, a life settlement can be a springboard to achieving a policyowner’s broader financial objectives

We partner with the top life settlement providers in the industry whom together have delivered more than $5.5 billion to consumers by giving them the option to sell their unneeded life insurance policies. This provides an opportunity to realize significantly more value than a surrender or a lapse.

 Think age 70 plus or 15 years or less life expectancy

✔ Think permanent policies

✔ Think Term that still is convertible

✔ Think Second to die that was purchased for estate planning (DB of $500,000 or more)

✔ Think Death Benefit amounts of $100,000 or more

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