Recent Transactions

1)Term policy that is no longer needed and is still convertible with a $500,000 death benefit on a 68 year old gets an offer of $32,000 and accepts the offer. 


2) GUL policy of $1,000,000 on an 80 year old who needs additional retirement income gets an offer of $410,000 which he accepts.

3) Survivorship policy on a 92 year old whose husband is deceased and who is struggling to pay the premiums, sells a $1,000,000 policy for $630,000.

4) Term policy that was part of a Buy-Sell Agreement with a death benefit of $2,500,000 on a 65 year old is no longer needed because the business has been sold. The policy is sold for $153,000.

5) Client has a $500,000 convertible term policy that is 3 months from the end of the 20 year term.  Clients premium is going from $83/month to $765/month which the client could not afford.  We split the policy in two and sold $250,000 for $62,000 and used the proceeds to fund the other $250,000 policy and keep the premiums reasonable at $118/month.