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 We will get the policy appraised, This requires the client to obtain and submit a complete APS medical history as well as submission of the current policy statement and a copy of the policy

✔ A Life Expectency will be calculated and a value range will be approximated

✔ If the client is interested in obtaining formal offers the policy will be put out to auction for 2 weeks and the top offers will be presented

✔ The client either accepts or declines the offers. If accepted a “closing” occurs with the owner and insured, a notary, and the advisor. If declining the process ends.

✔ Once the closing occurs the purchase price is put into escrow until the insurance carrier changes the ownership of the policy to the buyer. After that occurs a rescission period starts (which varies by State but is typically 15 days) The funds are wired to the sellers account upon the end of this period.

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